Information | 20.08.2020 | By paul_simpson

ALTWG – An overview



The Working Group was set up in 2004 and is made up of professionals from Academia, Charities, Education, Health and Industry with specific interest to support children and young people who are deaf or have any degree of hearing difficulty.

We meet twice a year and our principal aims are:

  • To promote the use of radio aid systems among children and young people
  • To promote the knowledge base about remote microphone systems
  • To influence the policy framework for the provision of remote microphone systems
  • To influence the quality and consistency of remote microphone provision and practice
  • To raise awareness of the importance of a positive acoustic environment

We have previously been known as the UK Children’s FM Working Group, then the UK Children’s Radio Aid Working Group, and now, to reflect changes in technology, we are called the Assistive Listening Technology Working Group (ALT Working Group).  We work together to realise the Group’s principal aims.

In collaboration with the National Deaf Children’s Society we published our original guidance in 2008 and updated our Quality Standards in 2017.  Our Good Practice Guide web content is added to as technology progresses.

The ALTWG section of the BATOD website contains the following sections: