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Cochlear Implants – a guide for families

Booklet from The National Deaf Children’s Society

The NDCS has produced a booklet for parents – ‘Cochlear Implants – a guide for families’. There are also other helpful publications related to this topic

It has been written, with support from the Ear Foundation, to give families clear, balanced information about cochlear implants, at the point where they are making a decision to go ahead with the assessment.

The first half of the booklet is a factual introduction to cochlear implants and an overview of the assessment process, surgery and follow-up care. Although the booklet is an overview, families who want to do more research are given contacts and recommended website links to find out more.

The second half of the booklet features families’ stories, in their own words. Families explain how they felt about the assessment process and the surgery and how they came to make the decision about whether or not to go ahead. They also explain more about their child’s life with an implant. The booklet has been awarded the Plain English crystal mark from the Plain English Campaign.

The book is available here on the NDCS website

The booklet is free to families and professionals.

Professional ordering more than three copies will asked to pay a small postage charge.
Please contact NDCS for more details.

January 2013