Information | 06.12.2021 | By Teresa Quail

CRIDE Group Membership 2021/2022

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CRIDE is a consortium bringing together a range of organisations and individuals with a common interest in using research to improve the educational outcomes achieved by deaf children. As of January 2021, representatives included: BATOD, Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children, Mary Hare, National Deaf Children’s Society, National Sensory Impairment Partnership (NatSIP), UCL, University of Edinburgh, consultants with expertise in deafness, and specialist education services for deaf children in Cambridgeshire, Camden, Kent, and Leeds. In Scotland, a separate CRIDE reference group is in place. Members include: the National Deaf Children’s Society, Scottish Sensory Centre, University of Edinburgh, BATOD, Windsor Park School and Sensory Service, Hamilton School for the Deaf, Aberdeen School for the Deaf and the Co-ordinator at Highland Deaf Education Service.

If you have any questions about the CRIDE surveys or reports, please contact [email protected].