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Information about apps

Here is a range of information about apps.

Too Noisy Pro

Too Noisy Pro is an app developed by Walsall Academy to control the noise levels of a group of children. Designed to be fun and engaging, children are encouraged to control the noise level in the room through graphics, an audible alarm and an incident counter. The noise levels are pre-set to a tolerable level – which can be adjusted – and a background picture with a smiley face is displayed. If the sound exceeds the acceptable level, an alarm sounds and after 3 seconds, the screen appears to shatter. A counter records the number of times this happens. The app can be linked to an interactive whiteboard from an iPad or there is also an online version. You can find it

iPads and learners with a hearing loss

Hirstwood Training provides free online training for apps for use with deaf learners. You can find information about it here


The Spectronics website contains a recently updated list of apps which are well considering for use in schools. Find them at: Spectronics website

Sounding Board

Sounding Board is a service for busy professionals working to help children and young people with cochlear implants succeed. Find them at:

They have links to, for example:

  • Apps for babies and preschoolers
  • Apps for BSL
  • Apps for children with complex needs
  • Apps for encouraging language and vocabulary
  • Apps for listening
  • Apps for phonics

and many more. To find these, go on to the Ear Foundation website and search for “apps” in the search engine.

There is also a very useful spreadsheet for finding apps to support all areas of the primary and secondary curriculum. Click on “resources for finding apps” at the bottom of the list. Click on “Comprehensive spreadsheet of apps”.

All the apps are listed in subject area across the whole age range, school subjects, special needs, and so on. All the apps in white are free to download. This is an excellent resource.

Apps for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

This apps blog is being developed by Virtual School Sensory Support (VSSS) in Norfolk.

The vision is for the blog to be an opportunity for sharing information with families/professionals regarding Apps and iPads.

VSSS are collating apps that are tried and tested for different age groups e.g. early years, primary and secondary. We are encouraging members to send apps, links, useful blogs and websites so that we can build up a really useful resource for deaf children and young people and their families. We are encouraging feedback from both parents/carers and professionals.

Articles from the January 2014 BATOD Magazine whose theme was apps and tablets

The January 2014 BATOD magazine was entitled “Apps and Tablets” and contained a wealth of articles about apps. Three of the articles are reproduced below but the other articles will also be well worth consulting.

Apps used at Mary Hare This is an article about apps in use at Mary Hare School. The article contains an email address if you require further information.
ICT SEND consultant Myles Pilling of AccessAbility Solutions talks to Annie Grant about using iPads to include and support pupils with additional needs This is an article which contains ten useful tips about using iPads and other tablets in school.
Apps used by Maria Cameron This is an article which contains information about a range of apps used by Maria Cameron who is both a speech and language therapist and a Teacher of the Deaf.