Information | 30.05.2018 | By paul_simpson

Lilian Warnock 1937 – 2005

Lilian Warnock died on 14th May 2005. She had been ill for some time.

Lilian was nursery trained and started her career teaching infants in a primary school in Belfast. Soon after this she had the opportunity to train as a teacher of the deaf and thus began almost four decades of work with hearing impaired children and their families. In 1980 Lilian qualified as an Educational Audiologist; she also trained as a counsellor. In the early days Lilian was the only peripatetic teacher in Belfast and her services were shared between Health and Education. Lilian also taught in County Down. In the mid-80’s she became Head of the Belfast Peripatetic Service, a post she held until she retired.

Lilian’s colleagues remember her for her strong and supportive leadership, but she always saw herself as first among equals. She was a great friend and confidante to all of us. Parents and fellow professionals held her in high regard. Her affection for the children she taught shone through as she told us amusing stories about them. Lilian would go home and bake to ‘let off steam’. There was never a meeting with her colleagues when she did not produce something delicious she had made for us!

Lilian remains with us as we carry on the work with hearing impaired children and their families in the Belfast area. We all realise how much we learned from her. Lilian’s amusing sayings frequently come to mind. We remember her with fond appreciation now that she has ‘gone home’.