Information | 13.04.2018 | By paul_simpson

Peter Preston 1945-2009

Peter Preston was nearing retirement from a distinguished career which was acknowledged by an invitation to Buckingham Palace in the summer as recognition of his work with deaf children. After three years as a mainstream teacher in a school with a ‘PHU’, Peter qualified as a Teacher of the Deaf in 1971. This was followed by 17 years working in a Secondary HIU.

In 1986/87 Peter completed an MEd (Audiology) and in 1988 was appointed Head of an LEA Service for Hearing-Impaired Children. Following re-organisation in 1999, he was appointed to his present post of Head of Sensory Support in the same LEA. Hence his career to date has spanned some 39 years with continuous involvement with deaf children.

Between 1990 – 1998 Peter undertook various part-time roles for the University of Northumbria (UNN), namely UNN representative on the University of Birmingham Course Consultative Committee, Advisor to the UNN Diploma Course for ToD and lecturer responsible for writing and teaching the Educational Audiology component. Peter was also a Regional Tutor for Birmingham University and teaching placement supervisor for Northumbria, Birmingham and Manchester Universities.

Peter first joined the BATOD National Executive Council in 1998 when he brought his experience and expertise to the Audiology and ICT committee. As Peter had interest in the use of IT to assist deaf youngsters he became part of the BATOD team managing the Deaf Children’s Communication Aids Project in partnership with Deafax.

Peter was fervent in his desire to promote the maintenance of quality provision for deaf pupils and believed there should be choice and clear specialist ToD management. Throughout his career there has been a relentless climate of change which has threatened this goal. Peter believed that BATOD has an essential role to play in the ongoing fight to maintain an appropriate continuum of provision for deaf pupils and the status of the mandatory qualification for ToDs.

Since September 2009 Peter’s advice has been particularly appreciated by the Association’s Officers and the NEC as he took on the role of BATOD Consultant especially on pay and conditions issues. His comments and advice were always studied and fair. Peter’s firm, forceful and clear enumeration of the points which he made in BATOD’s submission to the STRB demonstrated his commitment to the role that he felt BATOD should play at this level.

The BATOD National Executive Council is sad to lose such a valuable member and colleagues in BATOD and throughout the profession extend their deepest condolences to hisfamilies and friends.

Ann Underwood, BATOD President 2008-2010