Information | 04.09.2018 | By paul_simpson

Radio Aid Good Practice Guide

Stuart Whyte, BATOD’s immediate Past President, draws members’ attention to an article on implant processors and radio aids which appears in this month’s BATOD magazine.

Design-integrated receivers are becoming increasingly common and the Phonak Roger range is now available for Advanced Bionics, Cochlear and MED-EL processors.

However, the signal types, adapters and leads that you need for electroacoustic checks in a hearing instrument analyser (HIT or test box) vary.

There are links within the pdf below which explain the current position and resources available from the UK Children’s Radio Aid Working Group.

Radio Aid Good Practice Guide

Baseline measures of radio aids and processors provide valuable information about the quality of the microphone and the transparency or balance of the system before further processing by the sound processor and transmission to the implant.