Information | 13.04.2018 | By paul_simpson

Rose Shepherd 16th October 1959 – 6th March 2006

Rose trained to be a Teacher of the Deaf at Oxford Brookes from 1982-3, with Con Powell and Sue Lewis as tutors. She made many friends on the course with whom she kept in touch over the years.

Oxfordshire was fortunate when Rose chose to take up her first post as a Teacher of the Deaf at the PHU at Queensway School in Banbury on completion of her training.

Rose was enthusiastic and energetic with a real passion for her work. She quickly set about fund raising for new radio systems and played a large role in influencing key officers that there was a need for service development for hearing impaired children in Oxfordshire. When a countywide Hearing Support Service was established in 1989, Rose became a Team Leader in the north of the county. This was a role she loved and she quickly established a strong and spirited team working alongside her.

As the Hearing Support Service developed Rose’s contribution continued to be integral to its success. She had high, yet realistic expectations for the children in her care and her dedication ensured that children, families and schools recognised and developed the skills needed for successful inclusion in its widest sense. Rose delighted in their happiness and achievements.

In the early years of the DELTA summer schools Rose made a valued contribution, supporting a large number of deaf children and their families with her commitment to the natural aural approach.

Rose above all loved and cared for her family, her husband David and young daughters, Miriam and Hannah, with a strong Christian faith guiding her in all that she accomplished.

At the Service of Thanksgiving for Rose’s life there were many children and families with whom Rose had worked over the years. All were hugely appreciative of the support she had provided and it was moving to hear young, articulate deaf adults talking so fondly of Rose and their early experiences.

Everyone who knew Rose admired her knowledge, skills as a teacher of the deaf and her leadership abilities. She was inspiring as a Team Leader and all of us who worked alongside her feel privileged to have done so. She was never without a smile and her sense of humour pervaded. Her warmth and empathy shone through on all occasions.

Thank you Rose you were a true friend.

Nicky Ereaut and Alison Holmans