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James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership ‘Research Priorities for Childhood Deafness and Hearing Loss’ – focus group invite

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Deaf children and young people can take part in our focus groups. We are travelling the UK to talk about what it’s like growing up with deafness. Because everyone’s story matters. We are looking for children aged 7-11 and young people aged 12-16 to join our focus groups. Each focus group is taking place in a deaf-friendly and child-friendly setting. We will be playing games, making things, talking in groups and doing some individual work.
We will pay for your travel to/from the focus group, along with accommodation and a meal allowance if you are travelling far. Come join us in:
– Elmfield School for Deaf Children, Bristol– 24 th and 25 th May
– Lancaster University, Lancaster – 22 nd June
– Deaf Action, Edinburgh – 29 th June
To join our focus groups please fill out our registration form and the organizers will get in touch to confirm and book your travel click here
If you are not able to take part in our focus groups, deaf children and young people aged under 16 will have the chance to take part in their own survey from 21 May.