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National Deaf Children’s Society note on attainment data

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Attainment data note (England)

“The National Deaf Children’s Society has updated their note on what government data says about the attainment of deaf children in England in 2023. It also includes data, where available, on the progress made by deaf children between key stages.

https://www.ndcs.org.uk/media/9182/ndcs-note-on-attainment-data-2023.doc (this can also be accessed via www.ndcs.org.uk/data)

A reminder that government data on deaf children covers those where ‘hearing impairment’ is the primary type of special educational need (SEN) and who have been formally identified as requiring ‘special educational needs (SEN) support’. They do not include deaf children who have not been formally recorded as having a SEN. It also excludes children where deafness is a secondary need (for example, children with complex learning difficulties). These government figures should therefore be used with caution. However, as far as we know, they remain the best figures that are publicly available if services are looking for national data to benchmark their children against.”