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NDCS case studies from services, schools and colleges in England

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Ian Noon from NDCS writes:

Over the past few months, our Local Engagement team have been collecting information and case studies from services, schools and colleges in England about how support for deaf children is continuing during the coronavirus lockdown. Please find below a briefing which attempts to summarise the rich information given to us.

Our aim with the paper is demonstrate the important work that everyone has been doing in the past few months and the commitment shown to deaf children and their families at this difficult time. We’ve also sought to set out a number of issues and challenges.

We’d like to thank all services, schools and colleges who responded to our requests for information. We hope we’ve accurately captured as much as possible what’s happening on the ground.

We have shared the paper with the Department for Education, Ofsted and the Education Committee, and we hope that they will be as encouraged as we were by the work going on.

As the external context continues to change, particularly with schools starting to re-open, our Local Engagement team are continuing to collect case studies and information from services, schools and colleges. Please do get in touch with anyone in the Local Engagement team or email [email protected] if you’d like to share information – this is always welcome and appreciated.

The document is here: NDCS case studies – summary version