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NDCS infographic video on face coverings – tips for the general public

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NDCS developed a short infographic video with top tips for the general public on communicating with deaf children and young people in light of new Government guidance for the public about wearing face masks.


NDCS explain “The infographic includes a reference to clear face masks, something which we know there’s a lot of interest in. Because this infographic is intended for the general public, the reference here is to DIY clear face masks that can be made at home.  We have also published blogs that accompany the infographic which provide more detail on face masks and coverings, and also explain how families can create DIY clear face masks:



Unfortunately, as many of you know, clear face masks that meet the necessary medical standard for health settings are not yet widely available in the UK nor are they manufactured to a large scale. We’re calling on the UK Governments to commission them and, along with other organisations, have written to NHS England and Public Health England on this issue.

I hope this is helpful. As always, any feedback or thoughts will be very helpful.”

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