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NDCS note on attainment data 2021 (England)

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Update from Ian Noon

“NDCS has updated our note on what government data says about the attainment of deaf children in England in 2021. Due to covid, we only have data for GCSEs this year and there are challenges in making comparisons with previous years. However, we hope the note is still useful.

Key points:

  • Attainment 8 score for deaf children is the same as last year. As the figure for all children has gone up, attainment gap has widened slightly. Across England, deaf children still on average achieve a grade less in GCSEs than all children.
  • Figures for grade 4 or 5 and above in both English and Maths have both increased. The attainment gap between deaf and all children has narrowed on both these measures

You can also find this and other notes on our website at www.ndcs.org.uk/data.”