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NDCS publication – ‘What are you feeling?’

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‘What are you feeling?’ A guide to help deaf children understand and identify their emotions

“The National Deaf Children’s Society are pleased to announce that an updated version of ‘What are you feeling?’ is now available to download or order from our website at www.ndcs.org.uk/whatareyoufeeling. Based on the original ‘What are you Feeling?’ resources created by Helen Foulkes née Reed in 2001, the guide is aimed at professionals working with deaf children in the early and primary years. The latest version has been refreshed to bring it in line with current language around children’s mental and emotional wellbeing, and ensure it reflects the lives and experiences of the children who use it. We’ve also included four additional emotions, each with new activities and talking points, and QR codes linking to British Sign Language signs for emotions.

With thanks to the team at the northern branch of Deaf CAMHS for their support in bringing the resource up to date.”

Regional signs for feeling signs are available at the end of the ‘What are you feeling? Resource’ playlist on the NDCS YouTube channel.