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NDCS research – Understanding how babies and toddlers listen – Seeking parent input

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The National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) is continuing to look for volunteers (parents) to take part in a project funded by the NDCS about how deaf and hearing babies access the sounds around them. NDCS explain “In order to find out more about how babies and toddlers learn about sounds in their environment we have developed a series of short questionnaires (about 5 minutes each) for parents to fill in. We are now giving participants a £20 shopping voucher when they complete the study as a gesture of thanks. 

We are looking for parents of babies and toddlers (deaf or hearing) aged 3 to 18 months to tell us about their everyday interactions with their child in different situations. We want to understand whether families with deaf babies do things differently to families with hearing babies. We will use this information to look at how best to use remote microphone technology so that deaf babies get the best possible sound experience.   

There is a short video explainer about the study and a link to take part here. You can also get in touch directly with the study team by emailing [email protected].”