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NDCS Teacher of the Deaf bursary campaign

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As members will know, BATOD has been working with the NDCS on a bursary scheme for training Teachers of the Deaf.

The NDCS Teacher of the Deaf bursary campaign action is now live: https://bit.ly/2kvyCy4

We would encourage BATOD members  to support this. If they would like to, you can use the link above to do this – the NDCS website matches postcodes to MPs and can send off emails. One thing to note is that the campaign action provides some suggested text which is aimed at parents. However, it’s very easy to delete, amend and reword the text to something more appropriate.

The proposal itself is also online on the NDCS website at:https://www.ndcs.org.uk/media/4877/tods-bursary-revised-proposal-august-2019.docx

Ian Noon, whom we have been working closely with on this, has also done a short blog about this at: https://www.ndcs.org.uk/blog/why-the-government-needs-to-invest-in-teachers-of-the-deaf/