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New report demands action to address mental health inequalities faced by Deaf community

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Swansea University has released this press release

” We are involved in  new research which has been shared at the Senedd/Welsh Parliament.

The report Deaf People Wales: Hidden Inequality reveals that Deaf people in Wales are experiencing significant mental health inequalities because there is a lack of accessible services, no specialist Deaf mental health service in Wales and limited training about Deaf issues for health and care workers, according to a new report.

Compiled by the All Wales Deaf Mental Health and Wellbeing Group, the report highlights the challenges faced by Deaf people in Wales who experience mental health problems and calls on the Welsh Government to make significant changes.

It was launched at the Senedd’s Cross-Party Group for Deaf Issues and copies have already been sent to Senedd members to raise awareness of the issues it raises.

Do get in touch if you would like to know more.”

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