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Now live – MESHGuide: Deaf Education in the Global South

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Co-authors, Teresa Quail, Joy Rosenberg, Fred Marinus and  Chris Kubwimana created the first ever MESHGuide on Deaf Education in the Global South. It is thanks to the contributions from a wide range of professionals and organisations across the world, and the opportunity made possible through BATOD Foundation, that this resource is now available.

This MESHGuide has been written for teachers and professionals in deaf education, professionals in special needs, audiologists, non-government-organisations (NGO), parents, trainers, headteachers in developing countries (also known as the Global South), trustees of charities and NGO groups supporting deaf education and teacher-training institutes in developing countries.

It has been designed to cover a range of aspects associated with deaf education in low and middle income countries (also known as the Global South). It aims to provide all individuals interested in deaf education provision in low and middle income countries with research and case studies, when possible, that can be conducted by peers from developing countries. This will raise the profile of professional colleagues in these areas and develop a ‘lived experience’ perspective in addition to studies from researchers outside of the country. It is intended to support and develop a literature base and network across a diversity range of countries.

It can be accessed on these pages:


There is still lots more resources, case studies, links and contacts for deaf education based in the Global South to be captured in this MESHGuide resource. Author, Teresa Quail, is keen to engage with further contributors for an updated release in early 2022. Contact via [email protected]