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Questionnaire about Mental Health and deaf children (England only)

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Please see below a request from a Master’s student.

“My name is Verna Tatt, and I am currently undertaking a Master’s programme in Special Education at the University of Birmingham; I have based my dissertation on investigating the support methods for young deaf children experiencing mental health issues.

My dissertation is based on the support methods for young deaf children experiencing mental health issues. The questionnaire focuses on the different support strategies deaf children receive when they suffer from mental ill-health, the effectiveness of these support procedures and how they are measured. The intended outcome is to develop awareness and guidelines to support professionals working with young deaf children, which will be shared with my supervisor and enhance my work with deaf children with mental ill-health in my educational setting.

The questionnaire has 19 questions which takes an average of 8 minutes to complete. Questions 1-10 are based on the participant’s gender, age group, and employment details (establishment type, job title). These questions will enable me to gather data from individuals with varied backgrounds and experiences. Questions 11-17 are about your past and/or present work with deaf children, particularly the strategies used in general and when a deaf child has mental ill-health, how these strategies are measured and which symptoms the child has displayed. As well as any training and support received and its effectiveness. Question 18 asks if the participant is willing to share further information about how they support these children to provide an email address so I can then arrange an interview at their convenience lasting about 30-40mins via Zoom during May/June 2022. During the interview, questions will be asked to expand further on the strategies used to support the deaf child with mental ill-health and how these strategies are implemented while working with the child. The final question is for any additional information the participant may wish to add to support their answers.

I have been given ethical consent from my supervisor to carry out this research. Each participant will remain anonymous, and at no point will children or participants be discussed, named, or their personal data collated. Any data collected, stored and disposed of will be within the guidelines of the University of Birmingham.

Can the questionnaire please be completed by Sunday 1st May 2022

Thank you in advance for your time in completing this questionnaire. I appreciate your time in helping me conduct my research.

Please feel free to contact me via [email protected] if you have any questions.

Many thanks