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Request for support – researcher seeking Deaf parents with hearing children in mainstream schools

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Please see below a request for for support for a research study An exploration of culturally Deaf parents’ experiences of collaboration with hearing school staff
Ruby  is seeking Deaf parents with hearing children in mainstream schools. Ruby has indicated the BSL video can’t be updated to reference the update that the study has opened to UK-wide input and that the interviews can be online. 

I hope you are well. My name is Ruby Noble and I am a Trainee Educational Psychologist currently on placement with Worcestershire Children First as part of my doctoral training programme and a postgraduate researcher at the University of Birmingham. My doctoral research is exploring the experiences of culturally Deaf parents and hearing school staff of collaborating with one another. I am aiming to conduct interviews either online or in person with culturally Deaf parents of hearing children attending mainstream schools to explore their experiences of working with their children’s school staff. The interview would be supported by the parent’s preferred interpreters which I would fund myself, so there is no financial cost for parents involved. The date and time would be agreed at a later point depending on the availability of those involved. The interview will be recorded using the Teams function so that I can transcribe it, but the video will be deleted once transcription is complete and the transcription will be anonymised. 

I am therefore emailing you to enquire about whether you would be able to either send this information out to or put me in contact with potentially interested parents. I am looking to recruit two Deaf parents whose preferred language is BSL.

I have attached an information video and sheet for possible parent participants. I would very much appreciate it if you could let me know whether this is something that you could support me with.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Ruby Noble”