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Information for teachers who are dDeaf

Contributions from Conor Mervyn (BATOD NEC  and BATOD NI committee member, member of the D/deaf Teacher of the Deaf Group)

Signposting for supporting mainstream teachers with a hearing loss (congenital or acquired/sudden onset):

Articles written by deaf professionals about using online platforms for meetings if you need to raise awareness amongst colleagues via the deaf awareness website – Limping Chicken

Tips for working remotely online if you are deaf with BSL videos

Tips for using remote captioning and other useful resources for deaf people

An article on Zoom concentration fatigue from a deaf perspective:

Microsoft Accessibility: to support teachers with hearing loss or additional needs in improving accessibility on platforms such as Microsoft Teams etc.

If mainstream teachers find it difficult to hear pupils due to classroom noise levels, in case anyone needs a visual resource to monitor classroom noise, check out the link

Information about the D/deaf Teachers of the Deaf website: 

There is a Facebook page that you should find easily enough, which is UK-wide and is open to mainstream teachers with a hearing loss/deafness. It is a support forum to meet peers with deafness/hearing loss. and

There is a Northern Ireland Teachers with hearing loss Facebook group too which may be relevant to your colleagues.

Action on Hearing Loss (This project is specific to Northern Ireland only)

Action on Hearing Loss has provided support to mainstream teachers with hearing loss and are able to do so via the workable programme (see link). Mainstream colleagues would be able to apply for Access to Work if criteria is met see link below.

Access to Work information:

Action on Hearing Loss workable programme Northern Ireland:

Teacher wakes up with hearing loss and receives support from Action on Hearing Loss