Resource | 16.08.2022 | By Teresa Quail

TESLU (Teaching English to Sign Language Users)

Russell Aldersson is a teacher affiliated to the Centre for Deaf Education at the City Literary Institute. He completed his professional doctorate with the Institute of Education. His research focused on the language practices in his classroom (teaching English to sign language users), through the lens of translanguaging. His thesis study set out to document and describe the way that teachers of English to sign language users refer to metalanguage in the classroom. 87 terms were explored and elicited 288 different signs including a considerable number of variants.
A collaborative enquiry group has been established, TESLU (Teaching English to Sign Language Users), and a google classroom currently serves as the online space for this. Anyone with an email can join by contacting him at [email protected]. A link to the data that documents the elicited signs can be accessed using this link: