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Sign Health – In-school counselling project

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News from SignHealth

“SignHealth, along with NDCS, Kooth, Sense and Deaf CAMHS, have been working together to find ways to improve the provision of early intervention mental health support for Deaf children and young people. We know that 30-50% of Deaf children and young people experience mental health problems at some point in their childhood. And we understand the importance of early access to resources and information that is accessible and easily reachable. As part of this work, we have been exploring the benefits of in-school counselling. We know the offer varies across England and want to understand what is in place already, how it is funded and what teachers of Deaf young people think needs to happen.

I’d appreciate your support in completing this survey to support this important work.

The data collected in the survey will be stored and used by SignHealth. Your name and contact details will not be shared with any third parties. To find out more about our commitment to data protection, please see our privacy notice.
If you would like to talk with us more then please contact my colleague Bryony Parkes at [email protected].”
“Twitter post with BSL video explaining the survey”