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Speaking Up for the Covid Generation – report by I CAN

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1.5 million children are at risk of being left behind with their speaking and understanding

Children’s education has been severely disrupted by Covid and the lockdowns it has involved. They have lost months of being in school and nursery and missed out on daily chances to interact with the outside world. Now we are seeing the true impact this has had.

Our new report, Speaking Up for the Covid Generation, paints a worrying picture of nearly 1.5 million children struggling to speak and to understand what other people say to them. Both primary and secondary school teachers are concerned that without further support from the Government, the Covid generation are at risk of being left with poor skills, fewer job opportunities and more mental health concerns.

Without help, children‘s prospects look bleak. It is time to raise our voices to give children theirs. The Covid generation need us to defend their future.

Download and read the full report now. You can also use our Social Media Toolkit to share the findings and help spread the word.

Let’s #SpeakUpForCovidGen


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