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Speech and Language UK respond to Education Select Committee

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Press release from Speech and Language UK

Speech and Language UK responds to the House of Commons Education Select Committee’s Support for childcare and the early years report: 

“We welcome the news that the Education Select Committee has called for all nursery and childminder staff to be trained in speech and language challenges.  

The Government should use the current review of the Early Years Foundation Stage to improve the training that staff have, instead of weakening it. As the Committee says, prioritising the quantity of childcare over the quality risks damaging children’s futures. Children who don’t get early support to develop speech, language and communication skills are more likely to fail in English and Maths in school as well as developing mental health problems.  

Government has a duty to make sure that the 1.7 million children with speech and language challenges have a decent start in life and a chance to have successful futures.” 

Jane Harris, Speech and Language UK, Chief Executive