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The NatSIP Podcast Episode 3 – Disabled Students’ Allowance

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News release from NatSIP

“We are pleased to announce that the NatSIP podcast about Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) is now live.

I would like to thank our two very knowledgeable colleagues who have shared their expertise in this podcast: Tara Chattaway (Head of Education at Thomas Pocklington Trust) and Martin McLeanSenior Policy Advisor at the National Deaf Children’s Society).  Tara and Martin discuss DSA and the systems and processes around it.

The episode page link on the NatSIP website is:  https://www.natsip.org.uk/podcasts/3973-the-natsip-podcast-episode-3-disabled-student-allowance

There’s a story on the NatSIP website:  https://www.natsip.org.uk/podcasts/3973-the-natsip-podcast-episode-3-disabled-student-allowance  The story contains links to the factsheet and transcript.

You can also reference the episode via our podcast microsite:  https://podcasts.natsip.org.uk.  Again, this listing includes links to the factsheet and transcript.

You can reference episode 3 individually off the Microsoft as https://podcasts.natsip.org.uk/e/3

Links to the factsheet and transcript are also in the ‘show notes’ information distributed via the aggregators, Apple, Google, Amazon/Audible, etc.

Please circulate the details of the podcast to colleagues in your area who work with young people looking at Higher Education, and to the young people themselves. We hope that this will encourage them to apply as soon as possible for DSA for their future studies.”