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The Super Special Disability Roadshow

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Here is a message from Michelle Rolfe about the Super Special Disability Roadshow show with BSL.

We hope this finds you well. I am getting in touch to tell you about our next production that has British Sign Language interpretation: The Super Special Disability Roadshow. We would really appreciate it if you could share this with your networks. 

This is a show for young people, with a suggested age of 8-13, & their families.

Roadshow hosts Rob and Sal are testing out Rob’s new high tech version of their roadshow. Desperate to stay with it Rob has embraced the digital era. Opening with a cheery (some might say cheesy!) ditty, they launch into their new show. Things are going pretty well, as Rob and Sal teach us what it’s like for disabled people in today’s world … until the younger generation decides to set them straight!

The BSL trailer for the show is available here: The Super Special Disability Roadshow: BSL Trailer

The Super Special Disability Roadshow was commissioned for the Edinburgh International Children’s Festival by Imaginate, created by BOP and directed by Joe Douglas, written and performed by Robert Softley Gale, co-starring and with original songs by Sally Clay, and introducing Oona Dooks and Oliver Martindale.

Drawing on stories and experiences of disabled children and adults, the show explores what it means to be disabled and how different generations of disabled people feel about their identities, with characteristic BOP humour, heart and honesty.

The show is part of the Edinburgh International Children’s Festival and the show will be available to stream from Tuesday 25th May to June 6th 2021.  With prices from £5. 

You can book online via this link.