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Updated statement from the BATOD President

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The four countries of the UK are in different stages and degrees of lockdown and restriction and BATOD is keen to find out how this is affecting the ability of QToDs, and those in training, to carry out their role and support deaf children and young people and their families including in schools and other settings. Therefore later this month we will be asking members to let us know through a short survey about the issues they are currently facing. This will enable us to follow up the previous survey carried out in the Summer: ((https://www.batod.org.uk/resource/batod-survey-summary-members-views-on-how-covid-19-and-the-lockdown-had-been-affecting-education-and-childrens-services/).

In the meantime, as we said in a previous statement, BATOD is very clear that whilst we are offering suggestions and guidance for the profession, it remains of paramount importance that all members follow the safety and safeguarding guidelines of their employer and the wider advice from the Government, Public Health England and other such bodies.

In order to support our members and others we have produced, some with other organisations such as the NDCS, a number of documents which we hope will be supportive. These were recently highlighted in our latest newsletter and remain relevant. They include:

cobadged with NatSIP and the NDCS ‘guidance on returning to school and college’. (https://www.batod.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Meeting-the-needs-of-deaf-children-as-schools-reopen-FINAL.pdf

a document about face coverings (https://www.batod.org.uk/batod-update-in-relation-to-face-coverings-in-education-settings/)

cobadged with the Assistive Listening Technology Working Group, a document about the appropriate cleaning of technical/audiological equipment in schools https://www.batod.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Cleaning-hearing-devices-and-radio-aids-supporting-health-and-safety-during-Covid-19-v5.pdf

Steph Halder, President