The British Association of Teachers of the Deaf
Promoting Excellence in Deaf Education

34th Annual General Meeting Saturday 13 March 2010

St Ceciliaís School, Sutherland Grove, Wandsworth, London SW18 5JR

13.30 - 14.30


1 Apologies for absence
2 Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held in Bristol on 14 March 2009
3 Matters arising from the Minutes
4 Membersí comments and enquiries
5 Presidential Address - Ann Underwood
6 Annual Report 2008-2009
7 Statement of accounts
8 Acceptance of Treasurerís report
9 Appointment of Auditors
10Election results: Steering Group and NEC members
11Changes to the consitution (see and January Magazine insert)
12Presidential Handover and address - Gary Anderson
13Date and place of next meeting 19 March 2011 (venue to be announced)