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Please note: Some of this information has been archived and as such may be out of date or no longer relevant.

About | 24.03.2023

BATOD’s safeguarding policy

About | 27.02.2021

Communication Support Policy

About | 16.04.2019

Principles related to the use of the BATOD logo

About | 11.02.2023

BATOD’s GDPR policy

Archived | 01.11.2017

Policy on inclusion

Archived | 01.11.2017

Towards a National policy in the education of deaf children and young people

About | 01.11.2017

Policy statement on taking ear mould impressions

Archived | 01.11.2017

SEN allowances policy

Archived | 01.11.2017

Sign qualifications

About | 01.11.2017

Teacher training policy

Archived | 01.11.2017

Teaching and Learning Responsibility Points

About | 05.05.2022

BATOD expenses policy