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Unplugged and Tuned in

Music is a gift in this noisy world, playing an important role in the lives of many hearing impaired people.

Richard Reed - head shot wearing a hat

Cochlear is delighted to welcome Richard Reed a professional musician from the USA. Richard lost his hearing and after receiving a Cochlear Implant is enjoying performing and recording his music again. Richard has worked with Cochlear to share the music and materials (HOPE notes package) that helped him to regain his appreciation and enjoyment of music.

Richard will perform a lively lunchtime symposium during the BATOD annual conference on Saturday 19th March, Newcastle. Cochlear invite you to join this performance and dispel the myths of music appreciation for the hearing-impaired.

Richard will also be available throughout the conference at the Cochlear Europe Ltd stand, hed be delighted to meet you.

We look forward to seeing you.

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