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The perception of stress and intonation in children with a cochlear implant and a hearing aid

Lauren Fry

Cochlear implants (CI)ís have become an effective and accepted rehabilitative option for childhood hearing loss over the past two decades. The number of individuals receiving CIís continues to rise as candidacy criteria widen and technology improves. However, CIís do not restore hearing to normal and processing limitations present users with ongoing performance challenges. One restriction relates to the CIís poor perception of prosodic speech features such as stress and intonation due to the inadequate encoding of voice pitch information. This study focussed on the prosody perception skills of children with CIís and in particular, those who also use hearing aids.

Offering rehabilitation support

Kathy Owston

St Thomas' Auditory Implant team have recently undergone a service evaluation of their rehabilitation support to children with cochlear implants. The evaluation†looked particularly at the input of the Implant Centre Teachers of the Deaf (ICToDs).† This poster details the responses received from questionnaires sent out to all of the parents of paediatric patients on the caselist, and a different questionnaire sent to all of the educational establishments and Services. The responses have been analysed and subsequently changes to the rehabilitation support offered by the ICToDs have been made.†This poster is particularly relevant this year, with the publication of the new BATOD ratified "ICTOD guidelines for good practice, working with children and young people with cochlear implants".†