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Developments in the BATOD North region

As things have fallen into abeyance in the North region a small group met to discuss the future of the region. It was suggested that as there is no active committee or officers that a new start should be made.

A North region meeting is planned for 15.35 on Saturday 10 March 2007. A committee will be appointed and a future programme planned.

At a North region meeting in North Lincs in March 2006 a questionnaire was handed round seeking views about how the North region could meet the needs of its members. It was also enclosed with the January 2007 Magaizne mailing. The questionnaire can be downloaded from this webpage. Your views would be appreciated.

If you are interested in joining the committee please complete and return the questionnaire – especially the final section with your expression of interest. If you are not able to be present at the Conference or the meeting please still return the form. It is envisaged that there would only be one or two face-to-face committee meetings per year, telephone conference calls of about one hour and full use of email to manage regional affairs. Expenses are met from the region funds (from BATOD membership subscriptions).

It would be very good to have all the LEA services and schools represented as, with the focus on more generic INSET, the role of BATOD North could be to provide essential opportunities for INSET on deaf education and issues.

The last conference had to be cancelled due to lack of support and the North region has not had volunteers for the organising committee for a couple of years. Maybe work, life styles and what you expect from BATOD have changed. We are seeking your views in this questionnaire. Please answer these questions so that we can consider what to do next to support ToDs in the North Region.

The questionnaire was sent in the January 2007 BATOD Magazine mailing and can also be downloaded as an Adobe Acrobat file by clicking below.

Please save the document on your computer and then open it in Acrobat Reader - if you have a recent version then you will be able to complete it electronically and email it back to BATOD North.

Download Future of BATOD North Questionnaire (51k)

The questions that are asked are listed below - you are asked to circle the items that apply to your response:

  1. I expect BATOD to provide me with:
    • CPD, Magazine, Journal, networking practical workshops and ……………………….
    • professional representation to:government, other organisations, examination boards and …………………………….
    • BATOD should also provide.....
  2. Attending courses/conferences

    BATOD courses are work related.

    • I will / will not attend BATOD meetings on a Saturday
    • I prefer to attend INSET/BATOD meetings during the working week.
      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    • I am particularly interested in sharing INSET with other Services YES / NO
    • I would attend twilight meetings if travelling wasn’t excessive (eg more than 1 hour from my work/home) YES / NO
    • I am interested in topics such as
      Audiology Literacy Numeracy P&SD and ……………………………………
    • I would prefer larger meetings to be held in
      Manchester Leeds Doncaster Newcastle or …………………………………..
    • Please suggest any alternative ideas for consideration.
    • How the region could be organised

      1. Resuscitate the region structure. Keep a committee which uses telephone conference calls instead of travelling to meetings. Use the website to share information. This would need volunteers for key roles.

        Are you willing to volunteer to make this work? YES / NO

      2. Annually plan a calendar of small events which individual services are responsible for organising and producing flyers for – distribute via Magazine/BATOD website.

        Are you willing to volunteer to make this work? YES / NO

      3. Other ideas and suggestions

      Thank you for putting your thoughts on paper for us. We will feed back via the BATOD Magazine and the website

      Please provide your name, contact email and telephone number and which Service you work for so that we can follow up ideas etc.