The British Association of Teachers of the Deaf
Promoting Excellence in Deaf Education

Meeting between BATOD, VIEW, SENSE and Lindsey Rousseau Tuesday 8th April 2008

at SENSE HQ, 101 Pentonville Road, London


  • Eileen Boothroyd, SENSE
  • Evelyn Westwood, VIEW
  • Paul Simpson, BATOD (Chair)
  • Ted Moore, BATOD
  • Lindsey Rousseau, S.E. Sensory Impaired Partnership
  • Gary Anderson, BATOD (Minutes)
1. Introductions

  • Paul Simpson set the meeting in the context of Joint Partnership Working particularly in the light of recent restructuring of SERSEN and the ceasing of the Regional Partnership.

  • SERSEN has become the South East Regional Sensory Impaired Partnership for the financial year 2008 - 2009, which is in transition.

  • Lindsey Rousseau explained that as lead of SI nationally we need to maintain and develop wider links with the voluntary sector.

  • Ted Moore represents BATOD as Education Consultant

  • Evelyn Westwood is currently Chair of VIEW which has just launched its website (

  • VIA acts as an umbrella to represent the bodies to DCSF.

  • VIEW represents professionals at an individual level.

  • Paul Simpson represents BATOD as Secretary and Magazine Editor and is also FEAPDA President

  • Eileen Boothroyd welcomed everyone to SENSE HQ and represents the 200+ teachers with the Mandatory Qualifications for MSI

  • Gary Anderson represents BATOD as President Elect and Head of the Physical & Sensory Support Service in Surrey.

2. Transition from SERSEN

LJR recognised that the lobbying to DCSF had been successful in acknowledging the effective practice of the SERSEN Regional Partnership which led to the status of achieving transition funding for 2008 - 2009. The National Profile for SI and the work with the Voluntary Partners is the key steer. The new structure would be:

Reference Group (2/3 meetings a year. Representatives from the different organisations - BATOD, VIEW, SENSE, Guide Dogs. RNIB, RNID, etc.)

Provider Task Group fulfilling actions from the development plan


Development Plan

Launch of ECM Provision Management Wheel at Conference on 6th June in conjunction with New Partnership. Copies will be available at HOSS Conference on 13th June.

On-going Work

  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Getting there with Confidence
  • NPQH
  • Quality Standards
  • Working Practices with Independent Sector

Set priorities for future on 6th June

  • Outcomes for children
  • Transitions
    • Parents and Carers
    • Getting into Work
    • Between Phases
    • Social Needs of SI learners
  • Mental Health Issues

SENSE has a number of activities which link into this:-
  1. Transition/Moving On Materials
  2. Communication DVD

  • LJR invited everyone to attend on 6th June
  • The revised Partnership is seeking a financial commitment for future working. Ideas would be welcome e.g. donations, subscriptions, Livery companies.
  • BATOD would discuss at its next Steering Group. A Briefing Paper will emerge from 6th June.
  • PS to write to Rosemary, Lady Hughes regarding the evaluation of the Guidelines for Teachers of the Deaf in relation to Tribunals.
  • LJR will write an article for the September Magazine.

3. PS expressed BATODís support that this collaboration continues for the future. Other items of interest:-

MQ Training

  • There are concerns about Scotland in relation to training for Teachers of the Deaf. Current legislation allows for a range of interpretation around competencies and practices by the different Local Authorities. BATOD is working closely with NDCS Scotland. The School for the Blind in Scotland is thriving. The viability of Moray House course could become an issue.
  • EB will alert colleagues in SENSE in Scotland.
  • PS will send out article on Scotland to EB & EW.
  • EM raised the issue of e-learning as a model. Whilst it is a way forward, he stressed the value of face to face learning on the MQ courses. ∑
  • All 5 course providers have drawn up the Quality Standards which they would like BATOD to endorse. Finalised document will be circulated by PS.TDA is currently seeking tenders for course providers of the MQ.

Post Qualification Training & CPD

  • BATOD is considering supporting training for deaf children with additional needs. BATOD to liaise with Joyce Sewell-Rutter who has been appointed through the Burwood Foundation with this brief. There is a need to work together on training for SI children with additional needs.
  • RCE MSI Course has been developed and run over 7 days for professionals working with MSI children.
  • BATOD is exploring with course providers the opportunities for Advanced Modules on refreshment for ToDs possibly via e-learning.
  • Issues around Language Modification being explored with CACDP & other awarding bodies with the intention of developing appropriate accreditation for teachers

Data Collection

  • The revised BATOD survey is now being reworked in partnership with course providers, universities, voluntary bodies and schools and services through an on-line survey.
  • Phase II of the BATOD survey is aiming to collect and report on attainment data for deaf children and young people.
  • RNIB has worked with NFER to produce an on-line survey. There has been a good response (80%+). This was aimed at Local Authorities.
  • Section 7 Guidance for Deafblind Adults needs to be developed and reported for children.

Pay Issues

  • EM invited a joint approach to making STRB submissions.
  • There are current issues surround the TLR awards.
  • SEN allowances are currently being reviewed.
  • Heads of Services are on a range of pay and conditions. This has implications for Performance Management, Professional Leadership & Succession Planning.
  • NPQH and succession planning is important. These issues are magnified by fewer numbers of teachers of visual impairment.

Locality Working Concerns were expressed at the dilution of services for SI services into smaller locality working.

Future Meetings Topics

  • CAF
  • TAC
  • GTC Representation

It was hoped to arrange another meeting after the June 6th event.