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Studying in the UK

BATOD is a professional organisation for Teachers of the Deaf in the UK. This organisation is not able to help people wishing to seek sponsorship to study in the UK.

  If you wish to study in the UK:

  1. You would have to be accepted on a course provided by a college or University.
  2. You would have to provide evidence of your previous examination successes.
  3. You would have to pass the British Council's qualifications in English.
  4. After that you would have to demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to pay the course fees and your cost of living. In most cases this would mean that you have to find a minimum of £15,000 to £20,000 for each year of study. 
  5. After you have provided this evidence, and if the College or University approves your application, you would then have to apply for a student's visa, with all of the papers to prove that you have been accepted. The University or College would normally give you a letter to show that they are willing to accept you, subject to you paying the fees.

There are very few scholarships, and you would normally have to have a high level of academic qualification (possibly higher than than your present certificates) before most awarding bodies would consider an award.