The British Association of Teachers of the Deaf
Promoting Excellence in Deaf Education

What is EENET?

EENET is an information network that was established in 1997. It provides a free service to a variety of teachers, parents, children and policy makers, primarily in countries of the South. It also encourages the flow of information and documentation originating in the South. Through sharing this information EENET promotes access to education for marginalised groups and supports the development of better education for all children.

EENET users include: teachers, teacher trainers, parents of disabled or other marginalised children and their organisations, disabled people’s organisations, academics, national and international non-governmental organisations.

We are committed to:

  • encouraging the effective participation of key stakeholders in inclusive education
  • engaging with the difficulties caused by the global imbalance of power
  • encouraging a critical and discerning response to all information and materials circulated.

What does EENET offer?

Newsletter — ‘Enabling Education’

This is produced once a year in English – in hard copy- and is designed to have a long shelf life. Selected editions are also available in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic on our web site, and in Braille/audio-cassette.

Web site —

  • This contains posters, reports, guidelines and training materials, from a variety of sources, on: inclusive education policy and practice and covering a range of marginalised groups; teacher education; early childhood issues and child-to-child work; the role of parents; action learning;
  • There is a section on deafness and the education of deaf children, primarily in southern countries, which is one of the most popular sections of the whole website.
  • Unlike most web sites, the majority of our users are not within the USA — we have an unusually good level of use in countries where people still experience difficulty accessing electronic media.

Requests for information

We respond to a large number of individual e-mail, postal and telephone enquiries. We currently have on-going contact with individuals and organisations in over 100 countries.


EENET has begun a process of assisting the development of regional or local information networks which can reach more people and provide more locally appropriate information. Regional networks are developing in Latin America and Asia, and new partners are also emerging in English-speaking Africa.

Production and dissemination of useful training materials

EENET is committed to providing materials which are easy to read and use. This includes booklets, posters, videos, CD-ROMs and audiocassettes, as well as our annual newsletter. Some have been produced by EENET, such as the “Family Action for Inclusion in Education” book. Some, like the “Preparing Teachers for Inclusive Education” video package from Lesotho, have been produced by other organisations which do not have the capacity to disseminate directly to practitioners like EENET can.

We disseminate information and resources free of charge to South-based individuals and organisations and we try to recover a small fraction of these costs by charging North-based individuals and organisations for our publications and videos.

Contact details

Ingrid Lewis — Co-ordinator
The Enabling Education Network (EENET)
c/o Educational Support and Inclusion
School of Education
The University of Manchester
Manchester M13 9PL
Tel: +44 (0)161 275 3711
Fax: +44 (0)161 275 3548