The British Association of Teachers of the Deaf
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Meeting between BATOD and ASLI representatives on Monday 2 March 2009 in London

  1. Attendance Gary Anderson (President-Elect, BATOD) Nicki Harris (Co-chair of Education Working Group, ASLI), Paul Simpson (National Secretary, BATOD), Chris Stone (Chair, ASLI)

  2. Context Initial contact meeting prior to more collaborative working.

    Chris Stone gave details regarding the formation and development of the ASLI

  3. Concerns were expressed about guidance and training offered by the ACSW and ensuring that there was joined-up thinking with ASLI.

    Nicki and J Smith will be meeting on 21st March with Andrew Owens of ACSW in London.

  4. It was proposed that we should have a small working group involving BATOD, ASLI, ACSW, Signature (formerly CACDP) regarding the needs for guidelines and joint working practices within educational contexts.

    PAS and GA to raise at the next BATOD SG meeting.

  5. ASLI has written professional standards for interpreters working in educational settings for its members.

    It is hoped that these will be endorsed at the next ASLI NEC meeting later this week.

    Action Proposal that ASLI provides some background on their organisation and a copy of the guidelines to be put on the BATOD website.

  6. The deadlines for inclusion of an article about this in the September BATOD Magazine will be in May 2009.

    Also of interest for the website would be the Access to Work guidelines produced by ASLI.

    NIcki Harris produced some advice which can be found on the BATOD website

    The ASLI website is

  7. Signature (ex-CACDP) is considering developing a register for CSWs working in education. They are awaiting the production of standards from DCSF for TAs.

Gary Anderson
March 2009