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Guidance on AGMs for Regions and Nations

BATOD Regions and Nations Annual General Meeting Guidelines

The meeting should include:

  1. Apologies
  2. Chairperson’s report
  3. Treasurer’s report (This should include acceptance of signed examined accounts after they have been proposed and seconded (see Treasurers’ guidelines).
  4. Secretary’s report
    • Previous minutes
      • Corrections.
      • Minutes proposed and seconded.
      • Minutes signed and dated by Chairperson.
    • Matters arising from Minutes
  5. NEC report by NEC Representative
  6. Elections of Officers – all proposed and seconded by members.
  7. Issues from the floor/delegates
  8. Any Other Business


Preparation for running a BATOD AGM in a region or nation guidance from Sue Denny, BATOD Cymru, August 2019

1. Scheduling
Remember not many members come just for the AGM. Make sure you schedule it
within the event most likely to attract the most members. That way you will have a
captive audience. It is not really the favourite part of the day so keep it brief – 15
minutes is adequate. Schedule it into the middle of your programme – leave it to the
end and everyone may have taken the opportunity to leave early.
Ensure that you are aware of and have planned for any accessibility needs.

2. Timing
If you are running a full day event, just after lunch is a good time to schedule the
AGM, between eating, seeing exhibitors, networking and getting back to the event. It
is helpful for BATOD members and access support professionals to be served first
with lunch so they are ready to come to the AGM.

3. Non-members
Have something to occupy any non-members – refreshments, somewhere to
network, exhibition etc – but also encourage them to join BATOD.

4. Purpose of the AGM
The aim is to keep members informed of the Nation/Region’s activities and also to
direct them to any national issues. Use the AGM to give an account of the activity of
the Region/Nation over the year and to allow anyone to congratulate, query or make

5. Paperwork
Ensure AGM attendees sign in as they arrive for the AGM. This acts as a record of
attendance and as a register in the event of an emergency. The signing in sheet
should also ask attendees to confirm the accuracy of their BATOD website email
address but should not display any email addresses. Record any apologies for
absence at the start of the meeting.

Display the agenda, minutes, attendance sheet and treasurer’s summary (with a few
copies printed off and available at registration for people to read if interested). This
reduces the need for photocopying and helps save the planet. This is usually done
by the Secretary.

6. Suggested format of the AGM
The Secretary starts with the agenda, attendance and apologies, followed by the
minutes of the last meeting (displayed but with hard copies available) to be proposed
and seconded by members before being accepted as a true record. This is followed
by the Treasurer’s report – a summary of the financial situation and details of income
and expenditure. This should be displayed with a few hard copies available. Then
the Chair delivers a report. This is basically a summary of the activities of the
Region/Nation – what the committee has been up to, any changes to the committee,
and thanks to the committee for their hard work.

Members are invited to join the committee and details of committee meetings are
shared. There is also usually a request for members to visit the BATOD website and
check that their contact details and email addresses are up to date. Encourage the
use of the CPD log and remind members to record the day’s activities. Finally,
members are asked to put forward any ideas or suggestions for future meetings and
activities and also for any other business.

7. General
The AGM is a collaboration between the Secretary, the Treasurer and the Chair and
they should all be to the fore; however, it is also an ideal opportunity to celebrate and
thank the committee and identify them to the members. Make sure it is scheduled
into your programme and that someone – usually the Secretary – is taking minutes,
recording attendees and noting apologies. Committee members should support the
Chair with time-keeping. Aim to keep the meeting pacåy and time-limited so that it
does not conflict with the timing of the day.

NB: Ask for AOB items in advance

After the meeting

Post minutes on website

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we co-opt people onto the committee?

This is up to the region or nation. They have to be members of BATOD but only Full members can vote.

Is there a region or nations draft constitution?

There are two such constitutions on the website at the moment. We intend to develop a draft constitution in due course.

Can the Chair remain in post for more than two years?

Yes but subject to re-election

Can you have a rolling chair?