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Guidance on AGMs for Regions and Nations

BATOD Regions and Nations Annual General Meeting Guidelines

The meeting should include:

  1. Apologies
  2. Chairperson’s report
  3. Treasurer’s report (This should include acceptance of signed examined accounts after they have been proposed and seconded (see Treasurers’ guidelines).
  4. Secretary’s report
    • Previous minutes
      • Corrections.
      • Minutes proposed and seconded.
      • Minutes signed and dated by Chairperson.
    • Matters arising from Minutes
  5. NEC report by NEC Representative
  6. Elections of Officers – all proposed and seconded by members.
  7. Issues from the floor/delegates
  8. Any Other Business




  • Copies of minutes available at AGM
  • Regions/nations examined and signed accounts
  • Ask for AOB items in advance

After the meeting

Post minutes on website

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we co-opt people onto the committee?

This is up to the region or nation. They have to be members of BATOD but only Full members can vote.

Is there a region or nations draft constitution?

There are two such constitutions on the website at the moment. We intend to develop a draft constitution in due course.

Can the Chair remain in post for more than two years?

Yes but subject to re-election

Can you have a rolling chair?