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Are you a member of the ToD email forum?

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The ToD email forum is an email network, hosted by the Department for Education (DfE) and run by BATOD, for Teachers of the Deaf and associated professionals. Although anyone can join the forum, BATOD moderates the list.

You can read more about it on this page of our website:


If you have not considered joining it, please do so.

Also, if you have not received any messages recently it may be that your details need refreshing. Recently all the forums run by the DfE stopped working and in the process of re-establishing them some members were wrongly unsubscribed by the system.

If you did not receive two messages from me on 7th August – one about examination arrangements and one containing information about the Equality Act from the NDCS – then you need to rejoin.

Please go to this page and sign up again


  • fill in the section for new subscribers.
  • You will receive a welcome message when the transfer has been completed
  • Please note that the email address is [email protected] – you will need to use this address to send messages to list members
  • All emails go to ALL members of the list – so be warned that personal comments and replies become public property!
  • You can also examine previous discussions which are stored in the archive.