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Audacious – Frequency of mobile calls based on an individual’s hearing profile

Posted in Technology

A post that may be of interest for colleagues working with deaf young adults as well Audiologists would wish to be involved in a trial of the service.

Following the BAA, BSA & BSHAA conference at the end of March 2019, Audacious has launched its online hearing test, designed to help people get clearer calls based on their individual hearing ability.

Audacious is a clinically proven, EUMDD certified mobile service launching across the UK this summer. Their technology has been developed in conjunction with leading Audiologists including Professor Brian Moore and Dr. Michael Stone to automatically adjust the frequency of mobile calls based on an individual’s hearing profile. Audacious will be providing their customers with a SIM card which can fit any mobile phone to access the service, along with all of the normal voice, text and data service you’d expect from a mobile provider. To try the test and find out more go to www.audacious.co.uk . For further information email [email protected] or phone/text  +44 (0)7986 126771