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BATOD nomination period – NEC elected roles (March 2024-February 2026)

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BATOD, the sole professional association for Qualified Teachers of Deaf Children and Young People, welcomes BATOD members to consider submitting a nomination form for an elected role on the BATOD National Executive Council (NEC). In 2020 Paul Simpson, Co-National Executive Officer, wrote this article about How NEC works. Responding to need during the global covid pandemic reshaped some of the logistics for NEC meetings. The NEC continues to meet four times a year, with three meetings being held online only and one will aim to be a hybrid format.

All NEC members continue to undertake some BATOD tasks between meetings. Regardless of your geographical location in the UK, and the Republic of Ireland, and your stage in your QToD career, please consider putting yourself forward and/or encouraging BATOD member colleagues to do so. Past and present NEC members often noted that it is excellent professional development and allows you to play a key role in the development of the profession and the Association. If you would like to discuss further before submitting your nomination form, please do contact us via [email protected]

Otherwise please click here to download the nomination form for the NEC elections for March 2024-February 2026.

Thank you

British Association of Teachers of Deaf Children and Young People(BATOD)