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Barnardo’s Education Community: Workshop

Barnardos Education Community
10th October 2022
4:00pm - 5:30pm

Supporting CYP with Autism exploring gender/sexuality (part 3)

About this event:
In July and August we held two workshops ‘Supporting CYP with SEND exploring their gender/sexuality’.
An outcome of this was the generation of ideas for resources that will enable staff to support families and young people with SEND who are questioning their gender or sexuality:

  • Raising awareness of LGBTQ+ and SEND and disabilities amongst the family network
  • Developing awareness of LGBTQ+ and children with SEND/disabilities amongst education staff/professionals
  • How to support young people within an education setting as their trusted adult
  • A space for reliable information for education staff and for young people

At the second workshop we decided to focus on Autism and create an online course for staff which will be a mixture of pre-recorded and live sessions, and include links to resources and signposting.

In our next workshop, we will further develop this resource.