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BSL Conference April 2024

British Deaf Association (BDA)
26th April 2024
All day

The British Deaf Association (BDA) BSL Conference 2024 which will be held in Manchester on Friday 26th April.

See below information from BDA

“The event will be centred around the British Deaf Association’s campaign BSL In our hands to ensure every child has access to BSL. We believe there is a vital need to ensure every family with a deaf child receives support to introduce BSL in the home environment and for early years speech and language professionals to include fluent signing as part of their support for deaf children. The BSL Conference 2023 was hugely successful with over 300 attendees. The feedback was incredible, and participants commented:

“It had a great mix of speakers and so lovely to see so many familiar faces amongst the crowd! The conference ran in a really slick way, I enjoyed the opportunity for questions at the end of a section and thoroughly enjoyed the day.”

“Interesting variety of presenters on the day. Lots of topics covered. Interpreting and captioning teams did a great job. Fab to see BDA using Deaf interpreters as much as possible.”

“Good atmosphere and collaboration. It has been a long time since the deaf community got together.”

For more information about the BSL Conference, please see: https://bda.org.uk/bsl-conference-2024/ and the theme this year will be centred around Early Years. The event will provide an opportunity for you to be briefed on government progress on the BSL Act 2022 since it was passed, and to meet Deaf CEOs from around the UK, leading Deaf researchers and Deaf academics as well as Early Years professionals.

Your presence at the BSL Conference would highlight the importance behind our campaign and providing access and opportunities for deaf children and their families to ensure BSL is introduced for future generations.”