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Developing speech & language through book sharing with deaf children (AVUK)

25th November 2021
9:00am - 1:00pm

25th November from 9am – 1pm (GMT, UK time zone)

Shared Book Reading (SBR) has been described(1) as an “unhurried time to build attachment”, yet many parents of children with hearing loss find reading with their children difficult because of poor audition and low language levels(2). Shared Book Reading is fundamental in the development of joint attention, vocabulary, verbal language learning and developing listening, yet many parents of deaf children find it challenging.

This course will address: Why SBR is important; how it can be applied to the families of deaf children and what parents need to successfully share books with their children. Book sharing will be discussed with regards to traditional paper books, ebooks, experience books and audiobooks. Join us for an interactive course with practical strategies to use in your next therapy session.

1. Munzer, T.G., Miller, A.L., Weeks, H.M., Kaciroti, N. & Radesky, J. (2019). Differences in Parent-Toddler Interactions with Electronic versus print books. Peadiatrics, Apr 143 (4).

2. DesJardin, J. L., Doll, E. R., Stika, C. J., Eisenberg, L. S., Johnson, K. J., Hammes Ganguly, D. & Henning, S. C. (2014). Parental support for language development during joint book reading for young children with a hearing loss. Communication Disorders Quarterly, 35(3), 167-181

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