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Ewing Foundation: An overview of the CELF-5 language assessment

Ewing Foundation for Deaf Children
21st March 2024
8:30am - 9:00am

An overview of the CELF-5 language assessment with particular reference to assessing Pragmatic Skills

Following the bite-size PLS-5 assessment, which can be used to assess deaf children’s language from age 0 years to 7 years and 11 months, this bite-size will look at the potential for using the CELF-5 to assess the language of deaf learners from age 5 years to 21 years. The CELF-5 allows us to assess deaf learners’ language holistically giving an overview of areas of strength and challenge. The updated CELF-5 has two additional sections to assess deaf learners’ pragmatics skills. The Pragmatics Profile is a checklist of speech intentions and the Pragmatics Activity Checklist provides activities to set up and use with the child, providing opportunities to observe what pragmatic skills they have and how they use these pragmatic skills. This breakfast bite-size will give an overview of the CELF, with particular reference to the assessment of deaf learners’ pragmatic skills.

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