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Executive functioning: Developing the skills to succeed academically and socially

The Ear Foundation, Nottingham
The Ear Foundation
21st May 2019
All day

As children sit at their school desks in year 5 waiting for the teacher to ask for homework books to be handed in, think about all the tasks that had to be completed for this scenario to be successfully achieved. From getting out of bed, finding school uniforms, packing school lunches and PE kits and then remembering to find the hopefully completed homework still lying on their bedroom floor. This is all before reaching the school gates. In class they need to be able to sit quietly at their desks, resist telling their friends all about their x-box gaming session till dinner time and listen to the teacher asking for homework. The entire morning required planning, paying attention, working memory, multi tasking and being able to manage your emotions. These all form part of our executive functions and are crucial for both academic and social success and to shape the young adults they one day become. They are also the skills that many children with hearing loss still have difficulties with.

This course will unpick the various cognitive processes that makes up our Executive Functions, what we need to plan a task and implement the plan.

More information is available here: https://www.earfoundation.org.uk/education/articles/897