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Hear Together: Living Well With Hearing Loss

Hear Together
14th November 2023
All day

Developing social competency, social capital and well-being

This training takes a fascinating and important perspective on children and teenagers with hearing loss through the lens of:

Social thinking…You will consider how this programme can be used in therapy sessions and group work.

Making and keeping friends…You will look at the skills all children need to develop, and the particular difficulties experienced by children with hearing loss.

Developing social capital…You will learn more about ‘social capital’ and why it is vital for engaging in group work.

Developing emotional literacy and self compassion skills…You will reflect on why these are fundamental to protecting well being.

Sharing resources and insight from key research and important leaders in the field, including Dr. Brene Brown and Professor Steve Peters, this thought-provoking training will help you think differently about the support you provide.


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