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I CAN: Ensuring Quality SLCN Support in Early Years Settings – In-Depth

9th June 2022 - 23rd June 2022
6:00pm - 8:30pm

If you have already taken part in I CAN’s core training, or previous training in supporting speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) in early years settings, or you are already more knowledgeable in supporting SLCN, this in-depth training is for you.

I CAN’s ‘Ensuring Quality SLCN Support in Early Years Settings’ is accessible via two live webinars, spaced a fortnight apart. The course includes a learning opportunity to be carried out between the two webinars.

Learning Objectives:

You will be clear on your role and responsibilities in relation to young children with SLCN and how to monitor your effectiveness in the workplace
You will know how to identify which children have SLCN in your setting and be aware of a range of tools to use for this purpose
You will be aware of a range of support strategies and interventions for children with SLCN
You will understand how support strategies and interventions can be evaluated and develop your own systems for evaluating the use of these strategies in your own setting
You will understand the importance of including views of parents and carers in your planning
You will be aware of your limits in planning for and supporting children with SLCN in your setting and consider how to gain additional support for individuals and groups of children in your setting.
If you have any queries about accessing the webcasts or further support, please contact [email protected]

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