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Joining the dots: social competence and hearing loss at primary school

The Ear Foundation, Nottingham
The Ear Foundation
4th December 2019
All day

“We are hardwired to connect with others, it’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.”  Brené Brown

There are ever increasing options and solutions offered by hearing technology.  There are more ways to connect wirelessly than ever before. Watching teenagers’ seamlessly streaming music and phone calls to their hearing technology. Young children using TV streamers so that their favourite television programmes is at a level perfect for their hearing loss.

However there is still no magic adaptor for making and keeping friends. No magic software to interpret the thoughts and feelings of those around us to help us learn how to socially problem solve and multi task. Talk to parents and they will tell you, technology is wonderful and clear speech and academic success for their children with hearing loss is important.  But what they really want to know is whether their child is happy, communicating well with peers and thriving socially.

Our Joining the Dots training courses address how we as professionals can support these vital skills for thinking socially. With specific courses for early years, primary school and teenagers.

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Understanding what theory of mind is and why it is important is has become a hot topic for working with deaf children. This course will focus on the primary age years, with a brief overview of what theory of mind is and then into the resources, activities and ways that it can be encouraged, including how to be effective social thinkers. It will explore how children’s ability to know, guess, think and feel about the world and people around them impacts on building friendships as well as accessing the curriculum.

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