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Knowing Me Knowing You: Understanding Theory of Mind in the Primary Years

The Ear Foundation, Nottingham
2nd October 2018
All day
Understanding what theory of mind is and why it is important is has become a hot topic for working with deaf children. This course will focus on the primary age years, with a brief overview of what theory of mind is and then into the resources, activities and ways that it can be encouraged, including how to be effective social thinkers. It will explore how children’s ability to know, guess, think and feel about the world and people around them impacts on building friendships as well as accessing the curriculum.




  • Describe theory of mind, translating and understanding it’s underlying components when considering the everyday behaviour of primary age children with hearing loss.
  • Recognise the developmental stages of acquiring theory of mind and how they shape learning, problem solving and socialising.
  • Discuss the impact deafness has on the development of theory of mind and recognise specific areas that may be delayed, based on research finding and shared practice.
  • Explore how and where theory of mind fits into social thinking, discussing the range of resources available.
  • Recall and apply an understanding of theory of mind on a selection of well known children’s books.


  • List 4 areas with practical ideas in each for encouraging and developing theory of mind in the primary years.


  • Compare current support packages and reflect on how these can be adapted and expanded to include activities that will develop theory of mind.


  • Write 3 actions to put into practice, short, medium and long term

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